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The Women in the GW are on a mission.

We need more women in business and women in leadership and we wondered how to do this.

The answer was COMMUNITY.

We pondered what the equivalent of a Gentleman’s Club would be where men networked and  helped each other out.

We found that this didn’t exist so we created it.

We started out as an event back in 2018 where we gathered 12 women together to give 6 talks and spend two days in a luxury spa. 

We listened, we learned, we shared, we cried, we did deals and we made friends for life.

We wanted to continue the conversation and camaraderie after the event so we created The GW (it stands for Gentlewomen, BTW).

The social network for disruptive women in business. 

Not only that but The GW is for the outsiders, the nerds, the driven ones and the ones that don’t quite fit into the pink and glittery gangs. 

This is for you, Lady. 

As a woman in business, you need others around you to champion and cheerlead you to greatness.
Women who want to share their experience and wisdom.
Women who want to see you win.

A growing community of women leading women to greatness.

We champion and cheerlead business ruckus makers, rebels and misfits to become the leaders of the future.

The GW = The Gentlewomen's Business Club

Think of The GW as your indispensable community of driven women for a fraction of the price of an old school Gentleman’s Club.

It’s a club for women like you who want to make bolder decisions and have a bigger impact in the world.

It’s a club where we champion and cheerlead women to become who they’re meant to me.

It’s a club where money, connections and influence aren’t dirty words because with more money, connections and influence we can go on to do greater things.

It’s a club where support and accountability are baked in and come as standard.

It’s a club where we take our mission seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

If you’ve started a revolution, you’ve made your first pound (yes, we’re British) and you want more, then this is the club for you.

You don’t need another networking group, you need a focused and handpicked community of women who see your potential.

We champion and cheerlead the future you.

We see you.

Many of the women in The GW have gone through what you’re going through right now in your life and your business and they’ve come out the other side. By being a member of The GW, you’re signing up for those women to champion and cheerlead you to your future self.

Potential is a dangerous word, we see it in others more than we see it in ourselves. We actively encourage and invite you to surrender to the vision these women have for you.

They will see your potential not only where you are right now. They’ll urge you on to become who you truly want to be.

Being a member means...

You support Women in Business to become all they can be. 

Let's get honest here, the World we live in is pretty f*cked up right now and we need more people, especially women to stand up and change things. 

Through business, we know we can change the status quo but we're not born leaders, we evolve into them and that's what The GW does best. We give you everything you need to lead your revolution. 

Whether you're in education, tech, health, product development... we have one thing in common...

We are showing up every day to lead other women to greatness and The GW is here to support you in doing that.

When you join, you'll receive

Access to our private social network so we are always with you when you need us most.


  1. Full Access to all The GW Masterclasses and Courses delivered via our members-only app so you can access anytime, anywhere, and get your ah-ha moments faster.
  2. Daily accountability through our Daily 'Doros.
  3. Members pricing to all of our events.
  4. Rewards via our Ambassador's Program to help us promote The GW to give something back to the community.
  5. The opportunity to speak at our events.
  6. And of course, your weekly Museletter filled with all the news from The GW and articles you need to read as a woman in business and the chance to be featured as the woman of the week.


$34.99 per month 

(not inc. tax, added at checkout)

That's access to a community of women in business 
for less than a pound a day.

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